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Preparing for Divorce in the New Year

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Beginning the New Year with a Difficult Process

While divorce is a difficult process, it is also the beginning of a fresh start for those involved. Because of this view (and for other reasons), many choose to file for divorce at the beginning of the new year.

There is a lot that is involved in filing for divorce, and preparation is key to helping everything begin as smoothly as possible. To help those who are preparing for divorce, here is a list of items to consider having completed in advance.

Discuss Your Plans With Your Spouse

If you have not had the opportunity to share your plans with your spouse or to discuss the mutual feelings the two of you have, you should plan on telling your spouse prior to filing for divorce. Try to pick a neutral location to have this conversation with your spouse, and choose a time that does not match up with a holiday or special occasion.

When having this conversation, remain calm and aim for peace. While this conversation will be filled with emotion, going in with a mindset of sharing your feelings as carefully and as tactfully as possible can help reduce the tension that may arise.

Build Up Your Circle of Support

Part of what can make divorce difficult to go through is the emotional impact you may experience. Waves of sadness can mix with waves of anger and frustration, and the result can be an overwhelming flood of feelings.

To help combat suffering through this, consider building a group for emotional support. This circle of trusted individuals can be made up of your family members and your closest friends and can be used to lean on when you are struggling emotionally. This group can be a sounding board for when you are tired or overwhelmed, and you never know what positive advice they may have for you.

Prepare Important Divorce Documents

Divorce involves many documents, and these can range from personal identification documents such as Social Security cards and marriage certificates to financial statements and bank account statements. Take the time prior to filing for divorce to begin gathering as many of these documents as you can. Consider making copies of these documents for further protection, and store them in a safe place that only you have access to. Having these documents prepared ahead of time can save you a great deal of time and trouble in the event that you have a sudden need to produce a document during your divorce.

Complete a Thorough Asset Inventory

Part of the divorce paperwork you will have to work through is the inventory of your assets and debts; this must be filled out completely and accurately, and this step can take a lot of time, especially if you own a lot of assets of various types. While time-consuming, take the time necessary to completely fill out this document to the best of your ability. It may help to sit down with your attorney or an accountant who can better assist you ensure accuracy.

Know the Road Ahead

As mentioned, divorce is difficult, and at times it may seem overwhelming. What can help the process be less exhausting is having expectations of what could happen throughout your case. This includes understanding what feelings you may have as well as what the results may be. Speak with your attorney who has handled many cases and can paint you with a rough estimate of what everything may look like on the other side.

Ready to Get Started?

Preparation is key, yet having an attorney by your side throughout the divorce process is even more critical. You will want someone equipped to handle the legal process on all fronts as a part of your team. At Assalone Lombardi, LLC, our team is ready to help you begin the new year with divorce; while the process may seem difficult, the new beginning on the other side is well worth it.

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