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Divorce Mediation in Rhode Island

Resolving Divorce Disputes Amicably and Efficiently

“Mediation is the future in affordably solving the dissolution of a marriage and custody issues outside of the courtroom, with dignity, integrity, and without the usual emotional and financial cost that comes with a contested divorce or custody issues.” – Veronica Assalone, Esq.

At Assalone Lombardi, LLC, we provide a range of solutions in all types of divorce-related matters for clients throughout Rhode Island. Every attorney at our firm is a certified family law mediator. Founding attorney Veronica Assalone has more than 27 years of legal experience handling mediation in divorce proceedings. Our entire team understands first-hand that mediation is often the best way to resolve divorce disputes.

The Benefits of Mediation

Mediation carries numerous benefits to everyone involved, including:

  • A more amicable process: Mediation is the very best opportunity for divorcing parties to avoid the monumental emotional cost of a contested divorce.
  • More efficient: In most cases, divorces can be obtained more quickly through mediation by bypassing the lengthy wait times for busy courts.
  • More cost-effective: Divorce mediation is without a doubt the most affordable route for divorcing parties. Mediation can virtually save thousands of dollars by ensuring a satisfactory and realistic plan for the future. With mediation, the parties may share the expense of one mediator who has extensive legal experience while paying less than the average divorce attorney’s billable hour.
  • Best possible outcome: Divorce mediation can serve to assist parties in creating the best agreement specifically for them.
  • More control over the process: Mediation serves to empower divorcing parties to be the architect of their own divorce and to create the blueprint for their future without having strangers decide what is right for them.
  • More private: Mediation assists divorcing parties in resolving their matter privately with integrity and a focus on the parties’ needs, while effectively avoiding possible intervention by the court, judges or lawyers.

Mediation offers the best approach for divorcing or separated couples to develop a parenting plan that is best for them and their family. Instead of the cookie-cutter approach that might be employed by the court, it is an individual plan that considers how both parents’ interests and the best interests of children can be achieved. In custody cases where children are involved, mediation can empower both parents toward cooperation that is future-focused and task-oriented for the best interest of their children.

Certified Mediators

We set ourselves apart from many other mediators in several ways. First, all of our attorneys are certified and trained mediators in the state of Rhode Island. Not all mediators possess the required training and certifications to hold themselves out as a certified Rhode Island Family Mediator. Our team approach to our cases maximizes Veronica Assalone’s more than 20 years of legal experience.

Compassionate and Aggressive

We are deeply compassionate with our clients, and we do everything we can to handle divorce matters through the mediation process whenever possible.

However, there are times when the other party will not work within the mediation process and we have no choice but to handle the divorce in the court. When that happens, we are bulldogs in the courtroom who will fight for every advantage for you.

How Much Does Divorce Mediation Cost in RI?

As we mentioned before, divorce mediation is generally less expensive than a litigated divorce in Rhode Island. On average, mediation will cost between $2,000 and $3,000. When clients take the mediation agreement to a lawyer to review, file the paperwork, and complete the divorce, they can expect to pay an additional $2,000 to $3,000.

How to Approach Divorce Mediation

Your mediator will likely give you a list of items to bring to your first session. Common items include court documents, a list of your marital assets and debts, financial statements, and any other documentation related to your divorce.

Additionally, the following are several tips to ensure you approach divorce mediation with the right mindset:

  • Be ready to compromise – Mediation is not about determining a winner and a loser. Rather, these sessions are all about working together to reach a mutual agreement on all divorce-related issues.
  • Actively participate in the process – Mediators are not tasked to do all the work and make all the decisions on the couple’s behalf. They are only there to encourage communication and ensure each issue is thoroughly addressed. You and your spouse must both be active participants in the process.
  • Consider your interests, not your positions – Trying to make demands or fighting over positions is only effective in court litigation – not divorce mediation. Instead, each spouse needs to have their interests heard. Many times, spouses may have similar interests, which enables the mediator to find creative solutions that satisfy both parties.
  • Engage in “good faith” negotiation – Both parties must be willing to openly disclose all relevant divorce-related information to each other and the mediator. If you or your spouse attempts to hide assets, defraud each other, or otherwise dishonest with one another, the mediation will be a failure.
  • Take care of yourself during divorce – Divorce can be an emotionally overwhelming experience, taking a physical, mental, and emotional toll on your body. Enduring extreme levels of stress each day can negatively impact your diet, sleeping pattern, and day-to-day life. Make sure you eat well, exercise, and do things that you enjoy.

Contact Assalone Lombardi, LLC

To discuss mediation with our attorneys, call (401) 589-5599 or email us. We offer free initial divorce mediation consultation for couples.

Our senior attorney, Veronica Assalone, is proficient in Spanish, French, German, Italian and American Sign Language. Our office assistant speaks Spanish.


Commonly Asked Questions

How Does Divorce Mediation Promote a Better Outcome for Children in Rhode Island?

Divorce mediation in Rhode Island is particularly beneficial for families with children as it encourages parents to cooperate and focus on the future well-being of their children. Unlike the standard solutions that a court might impose, mediation allows parents to create a tailored parenting plan that takes into account the unique needs and best interests of their children, fostering a cooperative environment and reducing the emotional impact that divorce proceedings can have on the family.

What Makes Your Attorneys Qualified to Handle Divorce Mediation in Rhode Island?

Our attorneys are not only certified family law mediators in Rhode Island but also bring a wealth of legal experience to the table. With certifications and training specific to Rhode Island family mediation, our team can utilize this knowledge to provide insightful and compassionate mediation services. This combination of certification and decades experience means that our clients receive high-quality guidance throughout the mediation process.

Unwavering Dedication to Achieving a Resolution

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