The outbreak of COVID-19 will impact every area of our lives. Our law firm is fully equipped with technology to handle every aspect of your case electronically; we have set up our office to be as risk-free as possible; we can help you find solutions to the financial challenges that arise; and we are prepared to handle any unique challenges that arise in your case as a result of COVID-19.

Divorce and Domestic Defense

We are a premier law firm with a unique, holistic team approach focused on divorce and domestic defense cases.

Practice Areas



Our legal team handles all types of divorce and related matters. We take an approach focused on teamwork and efficiency. We want to minimize the financial and emotional toll that divorce can take.

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Family Law

Family Law

Our attorneys handle child custody, mediation, child support, modifications, paternity and legitimation, and other family law matters.
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Domestic Defense

Domestic Defense

We aggressively defend clients against false domestic charges, and when our clients have legitimate claims, we help them get strong legal protections against domestic violence.

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Juvenile Defense

Juvenile Defense

It is critical and oftentimes difficult to find experienced juvenile defense attorneys to protect and advocate for minors who have committed crimes. Our team of attorneys have decades of experience and provides aggressive and holistic defense against all types of juvenile crime charges, from simple truancy matters to serious crimes.

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Estate Planning And Power Of Attorney

Estate Planning And Powers Of Attorney

After a divorce, it is important to update your will and general estate planning documents. Our lawyers help clients create simple wills and powers of attorney.

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Meet Our Team

Assalone Veronica

Veronica Assalone,Esq.

Veronica is our firm’s founder. With more than 27 years of legal experience, numerous awards and accolades for her sterling reputation as an aggressive and knowledgeable attorney, and recognition in Rhode Island Super Lawyers list in 2015, 2016 and 2017, Veronica Assalone, Esq., sets the tone for everything we do at Assalone & Associates, LLC.
Victoria S. Lombardi, Esq.

Victoria S. Lombardi,Esq.

Attorney Victoria Lombardi brings knowledge, dedication and commitment to our clients. She is licensed to practice in Rhode Island and New Hampshire state courts, and she is a member of the Edward P. Gallogly Family Court Inns of Court and the Justinian Law Society of Rhode Island. Victoria Lombardi focuses her practice on divorce and family law, and she is responsive and dedicated to our clients.
Stephanie Diorio, Esq.

Stephanie Diorio,Esq.

Attorney Stephanie Diorio brings more than 25 years of legal experience to Assalone & Associates, Inc., having spent over 20 years as a paralegal before she became an attorney. Her passion for family law, coupled with decades of experience, empowers her to quickly identify issues facing her clients, and swiftly address them with an arsenal of dispute resolution strategies.
Renee M Bevilacqua, Esq.

Renee M Bevilacqua,Esq.

Attorney Renee M. Bevilacqua has long been known for her ferocity and trial skills in both the criminal and family courts of Rhode Island. Her practice encompasses family law, business, regulatory, and commercial matters as well as criminal law cases, both prosecution and defense.

A Team Approach To Better Serve Your Legal Needs

At Assalone & Associates, LLC, we take a team approach. For our firm, “team approach” is not just a marketing phrase. We have daily meetings to discuss all our current cases together to get everyone’s input and expertise. When you hire our firm, you will have an entire team dedicated to your case for the same cost, or less, of hiring one attorney.

Our commitment to a team-oriented approach has numerous benefits, including:

Efficiency : With our team approach, we get the job done faster.

Cost-effectiveness : With most firms, your one attorney will handle every aspect of your case, even the small things that could be handled much more efficiently by a junior attorney or paralegal. With Assalone & Associates, LLC​, we use the least expensive resource needed to get the job done, and we pass the savings on to our clients.

Full coverage : Because we each have unique backgrounds and skills, our team approach helps us make sure that every facet of your case is considered and covered.

Full support : At most law firms, one lawyer will show up to represent you if your case goes to trial. But with our team of lawyers, you get the entire team as needed for the cost of one lawyer, which provides excellent representation as well as a strong sense of support.

A feeling of belonging We treat our clients with compassion, dignity and respect. With our team approach, we really are all in this together and our clients experience the extraordinary difference of this approach to practicing law.

Compassionate Whenever We Can Be
Aggressive Whenever We Need To Be

We take a compassionate, efficient approach whenever we can. However, sometimes the other party does not work to resolve the case and it has to go to court.

When this happens, we have years of real trial experience to back us up in the courtroom. Divorce attorneys with trial experience are rarer than most people think. Many Rhode Island cases are referred to Assalone & Associates, LLC when they must be litigated as a result of our extensive experience.  We are compassionate and amicable whenever we can be, and we are aggressive when we have to be.

Accessible 24/7

One point of extraordinary pride for our team is our accessibility. We consider it our duty to respond to every one of our client inquiries within 24 hours. Compare that to other firms that might keep you waiting for a reply.

Our senior attorney, Veronica Assalone, is proficient in Spanish, French, German, Italian and American Sign Language. Our office assistant speaks Spanish.


Coastal Home in Newport

Tech Savvy

To respond to the challenges presented by the recent COVID-19 outbreak, and our clients’ constantly changing needs, our firm is completely up to date with state-of-the-art technological solutions. In fact, Assalone & Associates, LLC is a leader in the industry in our use of technology that serves our clients.

While many firms are scrambling to adjust to the changing realities, we are fully equipped with webcams, video conferencing, file sharing and signing, and online payment options.

With Assalone & Associates, LLC, you can get virtually divorced from the comfort of your own home.

And if you prefer coming into our office, we have the full measure of cleaning and safety protocols in place to protect everyone in our office. You can come in and work with us while remaining safe and protected.

A Network Of Experts

Assalone & Associates takes a holistic approach to cases by connecting our clients with a carefully cultivated menu of experts, professionals and resources to assist our clients’ specific needs:

  • Therapists and child therapists
  • Co-parenting experts
  • Mediators
  • Realtors
  • Financial planners focused on divorcing parties

All the experts and therapists we work with are used to the highly contentious nature of divorce. You are in good hands.

Attorney handshake with client


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“Smart, strong, confident and compassionate, Veronica Assalone is skillful and experienced. She believes the work she does is important and she walks the walk. Manages conflict gracefully and holds her ground. You can believe she’s 100% doing her best for you. Transparent and straightforward, hardworking and worth every penny!”

Sara S.

“I want to thank you for all the compassion, understanding and support through this trying endeavor. You were extremely diligent and extremely professional while giving a very warm and friendly feel throughout the whole process. I definitely made the right choice by choosing your firm to represent me. Thank you for all your support and fight for my 2 kids to make their wishes come true.”

Don D.

“Veronica and Victoria are the absolute best! Veronica and her team work seamlessly together to get the best results possible. Family court Is extremely stressful and having Veronica and her team on your side is very comforting. I have had a few different lawyers (some at a higher cost) over the past few years and always felt dissatisfied. Assalone and Associates is the only firm I have total confidence in to work tirelessly in my best interest!”

Sabrina M.