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Handling the Holidays After a Divorce

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Remembering the Joy of the Season

Facing the holiday season right after a divorce can be incredibly difficult on a person’s emotions. A time meant for seeing family and friends and supposed to be about joy can turn into a season of depression and anxiety from wondering what could have been.

This wonderful time of year does not have to be torturous, however. You can take steps to help yourself cope during the holiday season. Here are some ways how.

Avoid Social Media

The holiday season is one of the most social media-heavy periods of the year, as people tend to share pictures of their holiday gatherings and ugly sweaters. It can be easy to look at people’s pages and assume that everything is great in their life, leading one to compare what they see with what is happening in their own life.

Comparisons such as these can steal a person’s joy. It might be better to log out of your social media apps during the holiday season so you don’t make unfair comparisons between your friends’ social media lives and your own life.

Focus On Your Loved Ones

One of the big emphases of the holiday season is the amount of time spent with loved ones such as your friends or your family. One of the ways you can better cope with your divorce and the accompanying emotions is to focus on the joy of seeing your family.

Additionally, this may be an opportune time to find special presents for your friends and family members as a way of thanking them for all they have done for you. There really is nothing quite like the joy of seeing your loved one’s face as they open a present from you.

Take Care of Yourself

It can be easy during any difficult period of various emotions to forget to take care of yourself physically, but failing to do exactly that can actually worsen your mental health. Use this time to practice self-care; this can range from basic tactics such as eating healthy and exercising to more special actions like treating yourself. Whatever the method used, be sure to allow yourself to heal physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Do You Have Divorce Questions?

Going through a divorce with a level of uncertainty can be a challenge in and of its own right, and this uncertainty can be more difficult on your emotions. It’s important to get any questions you have about divorce answered by a divorce attorney who can guide you on any issue. At Assalone Lombardi, LLC, we understand the emotions that come with getting a divorce; we are here to help you throughout each step of the way.

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