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Why You Should Avoid Dating During a Divorce

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Holding Off on a New Relationship

Getting a divorce is an emotional process, and going through this may leave you feeling alone and wanting companionship. Entering a new relationship and dating someone may sound exciting, but doing so can actually harm your case. Here is why dating during divorce should be avoided.

Infidelity in Rhode Island Defined

In Rhode Island, you are still legally married to your spouse until your divorce is finalized, even if you and your spouse are living separate and apart from each other. If you are in a dating relationship with someone else before your marriage is finalized, it could be considered adultery. Adultery in Rhode Island is defined as sexual intercourse with someone other than your spouse; even if you and your new partner have not reached this stage in your relationship, it could be hard to prove otherwise.

The Risk of Dating

By dating someone before your divorce is finalized, you pose a great risk to your final outcome. While Rhode Island is a no-fault state and any potential infidelity cannot be used as the reason for the divorce, other consequences still exist and may be handed down.

If, for example, you begin dating someone while your divorce is ongoing, you face the risk of financial scrutiny, meaning every financial transaction you make could be examined to determine whether or not you are using marital property to fund your new relationship. Your credit card and bank account statements could be pulled to determine whether or not you are using marital property, and being caught doing so could mean reimbursement for your spouse in the form of other assets.

In addition, it could be argued that you are spending more time with your new partner than you are with your children. Such an argument could pose a risk to your custody and visitation agreement. For these reasons, it is highly recommended that you avoid dating until your divorce is finalized.

Ask Questions When Unsure

If you are uncertain about an aspect of divorce, be sure to get your questions answered by an attorney who can help you understand divorce in Rhode Island. At Assalone Lombardi, LLC, our team of attorneys is prepared to help you throughout the divorce process and guide you to the new beginning on the other side.

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