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Signs to Look For If You Suspect Your Children Are Struggling With Your Divorce

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Know How to Help Your Children

As freeing as your divorce may be for you, it may also bring with it new challenges, especially for your children. Your children may have a hard time processing their new life, and if left unchecked they could start developing problems down the road. Here are several signs you can look for to determine if your children are struggling with your divorce.

Acting Out of Character

Some of the more telltale signs you can look for are physical symptoms that are abnormal for your child to experience randomly. For example, if your child is normally mild-mannered and well-behaved but they start acting out of character, this might be a sign something is wrong. In addition, they may start arguing with you way more often than previously.

You may not be the only person to notice these behaviors, either. Children may take their feelings with them when they go to school and may act out in the classroom, causing more teacher phone calls about behavior and a decline in academic performance. These types of behavioral symptoms can indicate to you that something is wrong and that your child is asking for help.

Fear and Anxiety

When one parent leaves the house because of a divorce, it’s common for children to worry about their security and their future. They may start to fear anxiety over everyday issues that were never a problem previously, such as what food to eat or going to bed. Because of their anxiety, they may rely on you for reassurance that everything will be okay more often than they used to previously. Should this type of behavior occur, know there may be something greater at play.


It’s very common and, honestly, perfectly normal for all parties involved in a divorce to feel sad after everything ends; a relationship has broken, and this is cause to feel sad. However, if you notice that your child is crying about things more than normal, they may actually be struggling with depression over their new situation. Perhaps interest they once had in fun activities is now lost or they prefer to spend time alone in their room. Regardless, if you sense a greater deal of sadness than normal, see what you can do to help.

Do What’s Best For Your Child

When you sense that something is off with your child, whether through these signs or they tell you outright, it’s important to take whatever steps necessary to help them cope with their new situation. When you need help, though, it’s important to ask for that help for the sake of your child.

If you are dealing with a custody situation that is putting a great deal of stress on your life, reach out to the attorneys at Assalone Lombardi, LLC. We know these types of cases can be stressful and filled with emotions, which is why we are committed to resolving your conflict with the best possible solution to benefit both you and your child.

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